Friday, January 16, 2015

Clean Up

Denizen had dowsed the ley lines for decades following the clues to the depths of this ancient ruin. Behind the wall slept the army of his brethren. He reached towards the barrier.


 “Ow!” he hissed, spinning.  A lowly custodian.  It had struck his hand with its filthy mop handle.

“Who are you?  We’re closed.”

“Fool,” Denizen summoned his power, “I will awaken my army and they will feast on”

THWACK!  The handle cracked across his head; his focus shattered.

“Stop it.  I just cleaned up this place.  And knock it off with the glowy eyes. I’m calling the police.” the janitor grumbled.

“TOO FAR MORTAL.” he bellowed, transforming into the visage of master Cthulhu, “I WILL CONSUME YOU!  Wait! No!” Denizen saw the janitor’s sword too late.  His head plopped wettly by his feet, tentacles still twitching.

“I said I’d just cleaned up in here, I ain’t havin no more of you squid faces muckin’ it up, again!”

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