About Me

Greetings.  I'll just leave a few words about myself here. . .

I'm a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, and a technogeek by trade (See geekblog here: locgt.blogspot.com).  And when I get a chance I love to tell stories.

I've written a book which is now in it's third re-write and I'm striving to get it out before the near future setting becomes here now out at available in eBook and treeBook format.   I already have ideas and partial chapters written of the sequel.

I enjoy reading and writing science fiction, fantasy, straight up fiction, and occasionally poems.  The fiction writing mindset is so disconnected from my day job that I keep this space separate from my geek life so I have room to shift gears.

I can be reached at @NomDeBen for writing related stuff.

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