Friday, September 13, 2013


358 Words
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Mac and I saw the whole thing.  We was out back by the woods and had just settled down to sleep.  We wasn’t under the trees cause we wanted to see the show.  His folks had bought him that fancy sleepin' bag last year, but I jes grabbed my blankets.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The black rubber of the mask dug into her face, the weight of it making her head heavy and slow. By now she was used to the effort required to breath, the constant feeling of being out of breath and the hiss of air sucked through the filters. Looking through the glass of the door, she could see the fog glowing orange with the last rays of the moon's reflected light. It swirled and coiled around the ground as if looking for prey.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A new story of John

My grandfather was born in Germany and was moved to America as a child.  Here in America he fought in WWII.  This picture just turned up in my Grandmother's things, hidden in the paper backing of a old cheesy paint by numbers picture.  The story is still unfolding, but this picture appears to be of John while he recovered from an injury at a hospital in England.  Five days before this picture was drawn while John recovered from his injury, his entire regiment was lost at D Day as it was the first to land on the beach at Normandy.  The artist that signed the picture here appears to be a famous artist of the period.  We're doing more research on the whole story, but I had to share the picture.  I will post more about this as the story unfolds.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Free Fall

The catwalk crumbled beneath him dropping him to his death through jungle canopy below.  His scream was all he could hear as he plummeted tearing through leaves and ripping at small branches.

Below him the sky opened up as the jungle receded to the edges of the world, the ground, still a distant circle of brown was rapidly growing.  This time, it was the end.  This time they would not be able to fix the damage.  Touching the sky once before cost him his leg, this time touching the ground would cost him everything.  He had escaped one world full of hidebound, petty tyrants to plunge to his death in the next.