Friday, September 5, 2014


Furious at the Knight who stole the affections of his princess, the Sorcerer cast the ancient spell. Compelled by magic and the blood of innocents Gaia pushed forth the blister of rock and dirt trembling as she ejected her infant spirit from her womb.

The mud golem’s ruby eyes glared with hatred at the enslaving Sorcerer who commanded “Imprison the one who defies my desire for the princess in this hole until their bones turn to dust.” The golem thundered towards the unsuspecting castle.

The Sorcerer waited, gleefully imagining the broken and humbled face of the Knight, hostage to the immortal golem.

When the golem returned with the princess the Sorcerer impotently shouted, “No, you fool!” as he realized the mistake. The knight had so enamored the princess that she, herself, defied his desire. She was cursed to die in the earthen womb. The Sorcerer ignored her pitiful pleas turning towards the castle. The Knight would pay for this!

Posted to Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 39

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