Saturday, December 6, 2014

Eight Minutes, Twenty Seconds

His prank ensured they would take their time today.  They usually only needed a few minutes each day to punish him.  They would find him and their insecurities and frustrations would become his shame.  Today it would be longer. Eight minutes, twenty seconds.

Warped under their attentions his studies had taken a darker twist; beyond knowledge, beyond science, beyond ethics. He gazed into the naked secrets of the sun, her sensual dance splitting and fusing reality.

Fists found him staring towards the blaze of his passion. Broken swiftly under their rage, minutes seemed like eternity.  Hope absorbed the kicks as he looked up at their fury with a bloodied grin.

The sun blew her loving kiss across the void towards his call.  Longingly rushing at the speed of light across the vast void, the fiery dragon swooped down on the violence; scorching, sterilizing, embracing him. Eight minutes and twenty seconds.

Submitted for Flashversary 2014 on 12-6-2014
Word Count: 150

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